Apple iPhone X vs Samsung S8

Brief Comparison between Apple iPhone X vs Samsung S8 ?

A fight between Android vs iOS has been going on from years. The recently released flagships which has been quiet popular among phone users are Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8. So now let’s briefly test out the comparison between Apple iPhone X vs Samsung S8.

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Which Phone is best ? Apple iPhone X vs Samsung S8

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung S8 Design

There’s no question that the iPhone X and Samsung S8 are two of the most beautiful phones of the year. The iPhone X has a near edge-to-edge screen up front and an elegant glass back available in Silver and Space Gray. The stainless-steel band that runs along the outside of the phone really pops while giving the handset a very sturdy feel.

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The Galaxy S8’s Infinity Display is even sexier, though, as it’s curved and doesn’t have a notch that interrupts the flow of the front of the phone, which the iPhone X has. Both the S8 and iPhone X are water-resistant, but only Samsung’s phone includes a headphone jack and micro-SD card slot.

Lastly, at 5.5 ounces, the S8 is a little lighter than the 6.1-ounce iPhone X.

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung S8 Display

Samsung has long been the leader in OLED screens for phones, but it’s now been leapfrogged. In side-by-side tests, the iPhone X’s (2436 x 1125) panel delivered a brighter image, wider viewing angles and better contrast than the displays on the S8 (2960 x 1440 pixels).

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung S8 - 03

Take this photo of a lake and surrounding mountains. On the Galaxy S8, the sky is a deeper blue, but the iPhone X’s display delivers a more-vibrant green grass and truer whites in the clouds. The clouds in the S8’s screen look more magenta.

In addition, the brighter panel on the iPhone X gives it wider viewing angles. Under normal, indoor conditions, the iPhone X hit 574 nits, compared to 543 nits for the S8.

The displays on the S8 do cover more of the sRGB color gamut, exceeding 180 percent, versus 123 percent for the iPhone X.

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung S8 Performance

Put simply, the A11 Bionic processor inside the iPhone X is in a whole other league compared to the Snapdragon 835 chip in the Galaxy S8.

Take something as routine as loading up a new level in Injustice 2, a fighting game. In just 9 seconds, the iPhone X had us throwing punches as Batman, compared to a 13-second wait on the Galaxy S8.

We also edited a 4K video clip using the Adobe Clip app, on which we saw a bigger performance difference. The iPhone X took just 43 seconds, compared to over 4 minutes for the Galaxy S8.

It was a similar story on synthetic benchmarks like Geek-bench 4, where the iPhone X notched a very high score of 10,357 versus 6,295 for the S8.

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung S8 Special Features

The iPhone X does facial recognition right with Face ID, which uses the TrueDepth camera to create a 3D map of your face to unlock the device. The S8 has facial recognition, but it’s 2D and doesn’t work well in the dark. The S8 also offers iris scanning that also works well in the dark, but having two technologies to do one thing seems like overkill.

The TrueDepth camera also enables Portrait Mode selfies, which blur out the background, as well as Animoji. This allows you to mirror your expressions on one of 12 cute characters and record your voice paired with the animation and share it via the Messages app. It’s creepy but fun.

The Galaxy S8 has lots of special features, including the Bixby assistant. It’s not nearly as knowledgeable or versatile as Siri, but it does a very good job of trading multiple taps for a single command. Unlike the iPhone X, the S8 also lets you run two apps side by side via the multi-window feature.

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Speaking of windows, the optional DeX station ($121) enables S8 owners to run Android apps in multiple windows on a big monitor, complete with keyboard and mouse support. And while you can do virtual reality on the iPhone X with a third-party VR headset, the Gear VR provides a higher-quality entertainment experience. Then again, the iPhone X is ahead in iOS augmented reality apps, thanks to Apple’s ARKit.

The deciding factor here is something that shouldn’t be that special at all: fast charging. The Galaxy S8 comes with a fast USB-C charger out of the box, but Apple makes you pay extra for a USB-C power brick and USB-C-to-Lightning cable. Both handsets support wireless charging.

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung S8 Battery Life

The iPhone X lasts longer than the Galaxy S8. While using both phones for surfing the web on 150 nits of screen brightness, the iPhone X endured for 10 hours and 49 minutes. That’s about an hour longer than the smartphone average, and it’s in between the run times from the Galaxy S8 (10:39).

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung S8 Market Prices

This round is a no-brainier. The Galaxy S8 starts at a much lower $750, or $250 less than the iPhone X. The iPhone X starts at an ultra-premium $999, and you can get 256 GB of storage for $1,149. When you break it down in terms of monthly costs on a carrier like Verizon, the iPhone X costs $41.66 per month, compared to $31.50 for the S8, for a difference of about $10.

Conclusion of the fight between Apple iPhone X vs Samsung S8

The Competition between two flagships of different OS and different manufacturer, the iPhone X vs Samsung S8 has come to an end.

Samsung’s flagship phones sport more-stunning curved designs, with a headphone jack and a fast charger included, and while their Infinity Displays aren’t quite as vibrant and accurate as the iPhone X’s screen, they’re still great. The cameras on the S8 also offer better HDR and low-light performance, and Samsung wins on special features. Most importantly, the S8 cost $150 less than Apple’s flagship.

Overall, the iPhone X is the best phone, but the Galaxy S8 is the best flagship for the money.

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