Furious 7 Honest Trailer

Furious 7 Finally Gets a Hillarious Honest Trailer

If you love car puns and trying to figure out what the hell Vin Diesel is saying, you’ll love this new Honest Trailer for Furious 7!

Furious 7 launched the Fast & Furious franchise to stratospheric heights at the box office earlier this year, and thought the franchise may have nowhere to go but space, the Honest Trailer take on the movie reminds you just how ridiculous and moving the movie was.

Furious 7 UpComing :

Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailer for Furious 7 make it clear just how many times the characters have promised one another that this time, no this time, no this time for real you guys will be their “last ride”. But maybe it’s part of the series’ magic that writers Gary Scott Thompson (and subsequently Chris Morgan) keep imagining new plots stemming from the original premise. The Rotten Tomatoes ratings get better with each subsequent film, so maybe they’re onto something?paul walker

The trailer is less a mockery (although implying that Vin Diesel’s mumble-growl is caused by his character head trauma is a pretty low blow) and more a celebration of just how big, dumb, and yet charmingly enduring the Fast and Furious franchise has become.

fast and furiousFurious 7 pushes the boundaries of what cars fly out of (planers, skyscrapers) and how many times Diesel can suffer head trauma and live (crashing head-first into cars, driving off cliffs).

Seriously, who cares how insane this movie is- it’s fun ! They dropped cars from planes, people!

Despite having a weird timeline and not using enough of The Rock, this movie was still able to transition from ridiculous thrill ride to being a beautiful, heartfelt goodbye to Paul Walker, which is exactly what the fans wanted.

And yes, we’ll probably be seeing more over-the-shoulder, dramatically-delivered proverbs from Diesel again soon-because why stop with 7 when there are still so many more things for cars to fly out of?

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