Free Microsoft Office for Windows 10

Finally Microsoft offers Free Microsoft Office for Windows 10 users

Getting free Microsoft Office is possible because technology has changed. Windows 10, Microsoft’s latest operating system, has free Office Mobile apps that allow you to open documents others have created without issue. Office Online is available for anyone that doesn’t mind working out of a web browser.

Here’s how to get free Microsoft Office on your Windows 10 PC.

How to Get Free Microsoft Office

Using Office Mobile to Get Free Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is wildly successful. Every day millions of users all open it to get work done. Millions of documents are written in Microsoft Word. Millions of budgets and sales breakdowns are created in Microsoft Excel. Everyone has created a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation at some point in their life.

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Office Mobile is what Microsoft collectively calls the free Microsoft Office apps that are now available for Windows 10. Microsoft Office costs $149 if purchased outright or $6.99 a month through Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription service.

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Looking at things in these Office Mobile for Windows 10 apps is free, but editing and creating with them requires an Office 365 subscription in some circumstances. Which side your device falls on is directly tied to its screen size. On Windows 10 devices with screen sizes smaller than 10.1 inches, each Office Mobile app is free to use and edit with. It’s users who have devices with larger screen sizes that need to purchase an Office 365 subscription.

Where to Get Office Mobile for Windows 10

The Windows Store is Microsoft’s modern repository for all its apps and services. Office Mobile for Windows 10 lives there. Click or tap on the links below to be taken directly to the Windows Store to download each app. Note that you’ll need a Microsoft Account to use the Windows Store.

Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar are the email and calendar apps that come equipped on your PC after the free Windows 10 upgrade. You can download them again from the Windows Store if you deleted them.

Again, these free Office Mobile apps only let you both edit and read your documents if your screen size is smaller than 10.1-inches. If your screen isn’t, you’ll be able to download the apps and read documents, but not edit them without an Office 365 subscription. The only app exempt from these editing restrictions is Microsoft OneNote. It’s free for everyone to download now. Microsoft has effectively stopped charging any money for the version in the Windows Store and the program version that’s available on its website.

Using Office Online to Get Free Microsoft Office

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Windows 10 devices that don’t meet Microsoft’s screen requirement can’t edit documents with the Office Mobile apps without an Office 365 subscription, but there is an alternative. Before Microsoft Office Mobile ever existed there was Office Online, a website with online versions of some of the Office apps. These apps were made as alternatives to Google Docs. Regardless of your device’s display size, you can use Office Online free here.

Online tools include the apps that you’d expect: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote. Microsoft has also added new tools to the site in recent months, including story-telling app Sway and upgraded versions of Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar. The Office Online site also offers a free trial of Office 365.

Check Your Computer for a Free Microsoft Office Trial

Lastly, if you’re looking for free Microsoft Office, be sure to look for the free trial already installed on your PC.

HP, Lenovo and Dell have a habit of bundling test versions of the Office suite with the computers they sell to help users out that don’t purchase a copy with their Windows PC. These free Microsoft Office trials are not permanent; at most they’ll last a month before expiring. However, that might be plenty of time for you to get done whatever you need to do with the suite before a deadline.

After the free Microsoft Office trial is up, you’ll be asked to purchase an Office 365 subscription or buy Microsoft Office outright, which is why this isn’t a permanent solution for anyone that needs Microsoft Office.

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