new honda rolls off swindon

New Honda rolls off Swindon production line

The first of a new model of Honda Civic is rolling off the car’s production line in Swindon.

The Japanese company invested £200m in the plant earlier this year, to create a “global hub” for its new five-door Civic model – the Civic R.

The site at South Marston employs about 3,000 workers and first produced the Civic more than 20 years ago.

A spokesman said it confirmed Honda’s “long-term commitment” to manufacturing in the UK and Europe.

Managing director of Honda of the UK Manufacturing (HUM), Soichiro Takizawa, said the new model was “imperative” for the company.

“We are extremely proud to be the only manufacturer of the Civic Type R in the world,” he said.

“Our high standards have earned us this privilege and this is testament to the continued commitment of our associates.”

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