Samsung is going to release Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung is going to release millions of Samsung Galaxy S8 in this month

According to an upcoming report out of South Korea, Samsung has become predictable when it comes to product launching. Now it is time for Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge and Galaxy S8 Plus. Samsung’s production facility in Vietnam has currently started production of the company’s next flagship smartphone. Production is claimed to be fully swing as Samsung is expecting healthy demand for the Galaxy S8 and also the Galaxy S8 plus. An Official of a company that provides cameras for Samsung gadgets is quoted as saying that element suppliers are performing on raising their yields considerably moreover since Samsung has currently ramped up production.

As recently rumored, Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus in most markets across the world at the same time. this suggests that South Korea might not get preference at this point as Samsung seeks to tap into the broader global demand for its flagship product to make sure that it doesn’t need to deal with supply constraints in key markets.

According to the report, Samsung has set the initial production volume of the Galaxy S8 to over 10 million units which it’s planning to mass manufacture 4.7 million units in March and 78 million units in April. It’s unclear if the Galaxy S8 plus goes to own priority in terms of production amount.

None of this has been officially confirmed by Samsung because the company seldom comments on its production schedules. It did make sure recently that the Samsung Galaxy S8 are unveiled on March 29.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is suppose to be having similar feature like Samsung Galaxy S7 the 12MP rear camera, and running with latest OS Android 7.0 Nougat.

Samsung Galaxy S8 may get the Edge’s double dose of curves

The Galaxy S8 might build the “Edge” line obsolete. If the phone has a similar curved sides as the S7 Edge (probably on a smaller body size), then it’d provide all of Samsung’s flagship phones — the S8 and Note lines — curved screens by default. For buyers, which means a stunning device with additional tools on the edge displays. For Samsung, it means that flooding the market with phones that have one thing cool its competitors do not.

Dual-curved screens for all is important from a producing perspective, too. it’d mean that Samsung had finally scaled the production method enough to form enough curved screens for all its global phones. That is something we tend to saw begin with the unlucky Galaxy Note 7 last August, therefore this can be a secure bet.

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