Super Powerd Bike

Super-powered bike capable of 450mph

A jet-powered bike has been built that will attempt to set a new land speed record later this year.
Called Jet Reaction, the bike is capable of topping speeds of 400mph (645km/h) – possibly reaching as high as 450mph (725km/h)

If successful, it will set a new world record for two-wheeled vehicles.

While it might be called a ‘jet bike’, the vehicle looks anything but like a bike.

At its core is a central chassis that does not look too dissimilar, but surrounding this is a space-age aerodynamic shell that helps it reach high speeds.

Together with an innovative engine, the team from Oxford hope the bike will make records tumble when it is unleashed in Utah later this year.

Prior to this, the bike will undergo testing in Wales between 23 and 25 May.

The £100,000 ($156,000) bike, which has taken four years to design and build, is the work of 50-year-old engineer Richard Brown from Oxford, who will also drive it.

It was designed to beat the current two-wheeled land speed record of 376.363mph (605.697km/h) set by US rider Rocky Robinson in 2010.

‘An outright Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) land speed record is one of the finest opportunities any team can have to demonstrate engineering innovation,’ said Mr Brown.

He added that ‘within the rules applied by the relevant governing bodies the challenge is to engineer a superior machine making it the best in the world.

‘It is also an opportunity to demonstrate how a small team of talented individuals without vast financial support can produce a world-class vehicle.’

This will not be Mr Brown’s first attempt at breaking the record, though.

He designed, built and piloted two similar vehicles in the mid-1990s, and in 1999 he came tantalisingly close to realising his long held dream when he rode his rocket powered creation, the Mach 3 Challenger, to an officially recorded speed of 332.887mph (535.729km/h).

Now, though, he is confident of breaking the record.

Measuring 20ft (6.1m) long the streamlined vehicle is capable of travelling at speeds of up to 450mph (725km/h) driven by a gas turbine engine.

Its weight, including fuel and oil, is 560kg (1,235lbs), while the power output is boosted by a specially designed afterburner unit.

The engine in Jet Reaction is based on a 1250hp helicopter engine.

A computational fluid dynamics study completed by Huddersfield University has allowed Mr Brown to accurately predict the forces that Jet Reaction will be under as it passes 400mph (645km).

The official world record attempt will take place on the famous Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, US in September 2015

As part of this build up Jet Reaction will run with three wheels as well as two for the purposes of data acquisition at Pendine Sands, Wales, UK.

News By : DailyMail

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