Taylor Swift – Avril Lavigne Perform “Complicated” at Tour Concert

Taylor Swift – Avril Lavigne Perform “Complicated” at Tour Concert

Pop Stars Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne shared the stage to perform the latter’s hit song, “Complicated”, at the “1989” concert in San Diego, California.

Just days after throwing some Twitter shade at the “Shake It Off” singer, Lavigne joined Swift onstage in San Diego Saturday to perform her punk-pop anthem “Complicated”. The Singers took turns singing lines from the 2002 mega-hit while teaming up for the chorus. After the performance, the two stars hugged as the crowd erupted with cheers.

We’ve been texting all week and we finally got to meet today and she’s so cool, “ Swift told the crowd. “She’s so sweet, which I love, when I find out that one of my favourite artist is also super amazing as a person.”

She later tweeted that it was “incredible sharing the stage with” with Lavigne. “Complicated” is such a brilliant pop song and I Just love her,” Swift said.avril lavigne

Lavigne, meanwhile, hopped on Instagram after the show and shared a pair of photos from the memorable performance.

“She is a doll,” she captioned one of the photos. “Thank you Taylor for having me up on stage and thank you San Diego.”

“Such a Pleasure to perform “Complicated” tonight with @Taylorswift on her #1989 world tour!” Lavigne continued on the second post. “She ROCKS.”

The concert took place almost a week after Lavigne’s fans were not happy when a post comparing Taylor Swift’s interactions with her fans with other stars’ meet-and-greets made the rounds on Tumblr.

Soon, after, the Twitter account United For Avril pointed out Swift’s endorsement, leading Lavigne to tweet about the matter.

“Comparison is judging and judging a person does not define who they are it defines who you are,” she tweeted. “We all love our Fans.”taylor.avril

The pop star then shared a photo collage of her posing with dozens of fans, along with the caption : “So let’s keep it all about the love and stay positive.”

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