Justin Bieber Look alike

The Man Who Spent Over $100,000 on Plastic Surgery to Look Like Justin Bieber Was Reportedly Found Dead This Week

The case of missing Justin Bieber look-alike and mega fan, Tobias Strebel, 35, has reportedly come to a tragic end. 

TMZ reports the occasional reality star – who goes by stage name Toby Sheldon – was found dead in a San Fernando Valley motel room, a motel outside of Los Angeles, California, on Friday. There were drugs in the room at the time, but it’s unclear if they played any role in Toby Sheldon’s death. Sources also say Toby was going through a breakup.

News of Toby Sheldon’s death come nearly a week after the reality star was reported missing on August 18. Sheldon was last seen about 5:30 am, Aug 17 in the 1700 block of North Orange Grove Avenue in Los Angeles. On the night of Aug 21, he was found dead in a Motel 6 in the 15700 block of Roscoe Boulevard in North Hills, a law enforcement source.

Before his death, Toby Sheldon became famous for spending more than $100,000 to look like his idol, Justin Bieber. He appeared on TLC’s My Strange Addiction in early 2014 and starred on E!’s plastic surgery reality show Botched that same year.

Justin Bieber Look alike

“I would say i’m like 80 percent happy,” Toby Sheldon admitted a year before his death. “I do think i can be one hundred percent happy if i just invest more time, effort and money into the face. I’m addicted to plastic surgery.”

He later added “I had my lips done, my upper lip lifted…in this kind of permanent smirk, like Justin has, my lower lip lifted to hide more of the bottom teeth… he has a six-pack, so I got some liposuction.

Sheldon, who was a songwriter based in Los Angeles, previously recorded a track with his fellow plastic surgery fanatics which detailed about their love of going under the knife.

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