List of Latest Upcoming Xbox One Games 2017

Top 5 Best of Latest Upcoming Xbox One Games 2017

The New Generation of Gaming which has been gradually kept increasing and going up on since a long time. And the Platforms like Xbox Gamers, Playstation Gamers and PC Gamers are super running up in competitions with latest games and best performance. Microsoft launched Xbox One in 2013, which was compiled with high quality graphics 4k performance GPU, great huge storage and high processing Cpu, a complete gaming beast to run any game flawlessly. And with upcoming upgrades more and more customization were created for gamers across the globe. Below are the Upcoming Xbox One Games details and release dates.

List Of Upcoming Xbox One Games in 2017 :

  1. Dark Souls III: The Ringed City

    Genre: Action, RPG
    Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
    Release Date: March 27, 2017

    About This Game: 
    Fear not, the dark, ashen one.
    The Ringed City is the final DLC pack for Dark Souls III – an award-winning, genre-defining Golden Joystick Awards 2016 Game of the year RPG. Journey to the world’s end to search for the Ringed City and encounter new lands, new bosses, new enemies with new armor, magic and items. Experience the epic final chapter of a dark world that could only be created by the mind of Hidetaka Miyazaki.
    A New World. One Last Journey.

  2. Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

    Genre: Shooter
    Publisher: Electronic Arts, Gearbox Software
    Release Date: April 7, 2017

    About This Game:
    This game has been popular one on Xbox 360 and the new re-mastered edition will be upcoming. In the game People Can Fly put their name on the shooter world map with Painkiller, an adrenal first-person shooter that married the speed and bluster of early works like Doom with 21st century tech. Then came Bulletstorm, which was Painkiller after it drank a full bottle of cheap whisky and watched Anthony Jeselnik standup for a whole weekend. Bulletstorm, with its focus on chaining absurd attacks like tossing an evil robot into the air and then kicking it in the groin straight onto a cactus, was a delight for those that played it but most missed it on Xbox 360 and PS3. This new version invites Xbox One players to try t for the first time.

  3. Injustice 2

    Genre: Fighting
    Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
    Release Date: 16 May 2017

    About This Game:
    In the Game you can duke it out between Batman and Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and Superman, and a ton more of DC’s superheroes to see which one comes out with less bruises.
    If Injustice 2 looks vaguely familiar, that would be because it marks Netherrealm Studios’ return to the slick new engine that powered Mortal Kombat X. Fans will be overjoyed to see previously obscure characters take their turns battling it out. Plus it’s mixing some things up with the addition of upgradable gear to outfit your favourite characters with. Battles later on are sure to get harder as the heroes become progressively more decked out in brand spanking new costumes, so get those fisticuffs ready.

  4. Tekken 7

    Genre: Fighting
    Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
    Release date: 18 March 2015

    About This Game:
    This is the most loved and amazing fighting game of the century. The ninth entry of Namco’s combo-juggling, panda-punching beat ’em up heads from the arcade to your Xbox.
    Skip back a few generations (admittedly while crossing the console divide) and Tekken used to be the biggest beat ’em up in the world. The series may never hit the same relevancy it enjoyed during Tekken 3’s heyday, but that doesn’t mean Bandai Namco isn’t still innovating with its fighter. Indeed, Tekken 7 introduces two new mechanics that can completely transform rounds. Rage Art lets you deal devastating critical attacks when your health is low, while Power Crush allows players to continue their attacks, even when they’re getting pummelled by an opponent.    Plot-wise, the series is doubling down on the ludicrous Mishima clan soap opera. As long as we get Heihachi in some sort of fetching adult diaper that’s all we care about. Oh, and if Namco could see fit to throw a certain adorable dino into the roster *cough* Gon *cough* that’d be grand.

  5. Middle-earth: Shadow of War

    Genre: Action, RPG
    Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
    Release date: 22 August 2017

    About This Game:
    The sequel to Monolith Soft’s remarkable 2014 Lord of the Rings spin-off.
    Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor ended on a cliffhanger of grand fan-fiction proportions. Talion (the much abused ranger) and his spirit friend/tormenter/guide Celebrimbor (crafter of the Rings of Power) had ravaged the Dark Lord Sauron’s army and taken control of a chunk of the land one shan’t simply walk into. They’d gotten revenge on the killer of Talon’s family but ran into a problem: since Sauron’s a magic ghost overlord, they can’t exactly kill him. So they set out to build their own new ring of power to take him out. That’s where Shadow of Mordor picks up, with Talion and Celebrimbor wielding their own ring to rule them all, commanding their army of orcs and uruks to try and take down Sauron once and for all. They won’t – we’ve seen the movies after all – but they will engage in massive army-on-army battles in greatly expanded Nemesis system.

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